• Contract Law

    Preparation and revision of all types of contracts and model contracts including trade conditions, consultations regarding challenging complex transactions such as acquisition and development projects, evaluation of legal and related financial risks, contract negotiation and the enforcement of contractual claims and compensation.
  • Corporate Law

    Setting up new companies, share, stock and undertaking transfers, mergers and acquisitions, conversions of companies, due diligence, tax optimization and offshore structures, organizing general meetings, registration of changes in the commercial register.
  • International Trade Law

    International business disputes and arbitration, preparation of multilingual contracts between cross-border contractual parties, determining the applicable law of contractual and non-contractual obligations, determining court jurisdiction abroad, protection of international investments.
  • Insolvency Law

    Representation of creditors, bankrupt companies or their members or shareholders in insolvency proceedings, insolvency administration, providing consultancy on bankruptcy with an international element, evaluating the conditions for entering into insolvency, preparation and submission of insolvency applications, representation in interlocutory disputes, representation at creditors’ meetings and in creditor committees.
  • Company Liquidation

    Assessing and advising on the optimal approach to terminating a company’s activities, organizing the sale of the company itself, its undertakings or its property, performing every legal step required during dissolution, performing the role of liquidator, clearing the company’s commitments, removing the company from the commercial register.
  • Unfair Competition Law

    Consultancy on the misleading labelling of goods or services, likelihood of substitution, free-riding on the reputation, products or services of another competitor, spreading true or untrue information about another competitor’s products, performance or circumstances.
  • Cartel Law

    Evaluation of merger terms between competitors and client representation before national and cross-border competition authorities’ merger approval proceedings, assessing the compliance of contracts with cartel regulations, client representation in alleged distortion, preparation of drafts of remedial action.
  • Labour Law

    Preparation and adjustment of labour-law contracts and agreements including non-competition clauses and confidentiality agreements, preparation of internal guidelines and assessment of motivational systems, consultancy on restructuring and mass layoffs, remuneration of statutory bodies, legal and tax consultancy regarding cross-border employment and posting of workers.
  • Real Estate Law

    Consultation on transfers of commercial and residential realties, lease preparation, real estate acquisitions, ecological damage assessment and negotiation, complex consultancy on development and investment projects, preparation of construction and work contracts, assessment of real estate financing documentation, client representation in construction disputes.
  • Construction Law

    Consultancy and client representation in land management and construction proceedings, processing objections to land use planning, representation in public proceedings, in proceedings on set-asides from the agricultural land fund, in the EIA and construction site placement proceedings and to the following construction dispute proceedings.
  • Industrial Property Rights

    Submissions for complex industrial property protection, trademark registration (national, European and international), patents, utility and industrial design models, preparation of license and sub-license contracts, representation in industrial property rights protection proceedings.
  • Copyright Law

    Contractual arrangements on the copyrights of employees, suppliers and purchasers, preparation of contracts between co-authors, license and sub-license contracts, employee and collective works, copyright assessment relating to the use and publication of third parties’ work, legal implications of adjustments thereto, statutory licenses, negotiating with collective copyright administrators.
  • Law on Negotiable Instruments

    Complex consulting in all aspects of negotiable instruments law, preparation of bills of exchange, transfers of bills, assessment of requirements and validity of bills, preparation of blank bills and arrangements regarding the right of completion the bill, application of bills in court proceedings.
  • Securities Law

    Consultancy regarding securities and collective investments, contracts on transfer, custody or administration of securities, representation in proceedings before the Czech National Bank regarding investment companies and funds, advice on investing through trust funds.
  • IT Law

    Analysis, development and implementation of software contracts, service contracts, license contracts and conditions, proposals for the structure of contracts regarding the development and subsequent sale of software, domain disputes, terms and conditions of internet malls, consumer contracts concluded on the internet, personal data protection issues, protection of website design and code.
  • Energy Law

    Preparation of contractual documentation for electricity, gas and heating sale and distribution, contracts on the construction and maintenance of energy devices, preparation of applications for energy licenses or the admission of foreign licenses, representation in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office.
  • Sports Law

    Representing sports clubs and individual sportsmen, legal services in national and international club transfers, representing sportsmen subject to doping allegations, sports injuries and sporting event hosting issues, adjustment of broadcasting rights, representation in proceedings before sports associations.
  • Public Procurement and Concessions

    Complex administration of procurement, representing contracting authorities and suppliers in public procurement proceedings, assessment of the conditions and recommendations pertaining to the procurement process, preparation of qualification criteria and tender documentation, procedural objections to the work of the contracting authority, client representation in contracting authority practice review proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition.
  • Public Procurement Audits

    Legal evaluation of completed and ongoing procurement, drafts of corrective actions, assessment of procurement process compliance with the rules of Structural Funds, preparation of statements on audits and inspections regarding Structural Funds and subsidies, representation of contracting authorities in proceedings on the reduction or removal of subsidies.
  • Family Law

    Prenuptial agreements, adjustment of spouses’ joint assets and their settlement, representation in divorce, custody, maintenance, access rights and childcare proceedings, housing law, will preparation and assessment, client representation in inheritance proceedings, negotiation of inheritance agreements, exercising succession rights before the courts.
  • International Divorce and Inheritance

    Determining the applicable law and jurisdiction regarding divorce, custody, maintenance and access to children, representation in cross-border divorce and divorce-related cases, determining the applicable law and jurisdiction in cross-border inheritance cases, representing heirs in cross-border inheritance proceedings, management of assets held abroad.
  • Judicial, Arbitral and Administrative Proceedings

    Client representation before Czech and foreign courts, arbitration tribunals and ad hoc arbitrators, and in administrative proceedings and regarding administrative acts, mediation, out of court negotiations and settlements, consultation on domestic and international debt collection, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements.
  • Debt Collection in the Czech Republic and Abroad

    Complex administration of claims, the sending of reminders and final demands, client representation in court and arbitrary proceedings in the Czech Republic or abroad, judgement enforcement by execution, preparation of instalment settlements, assignment of receivables, prevention of bad and poorly enforceable debts, securement of receivables.