• Jan Mauric

    Jan Mauric

    Before founding our firm, Jan acquired long-term experience in international law firms in which he specialized in commercial law, corporate law and intellectual property law, focusing on international private law and litigation. In recent years Jan has also focused on family law, particularly that with an international element. He speaks English and is a registered German-Czech court interpreter.
  • Bohuslav Klein

    Bohuslav Klein

    Until 1990 Bohuslav worked as director of the legal department of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, subsequently devoting himself to advocacy as a partner in KLEIN ŠUBRT DOŠKOVÁ. He was for some time the chairman of the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic and he remains today its honorary chairman. He settled hundreds of arbitration disputes in 12 jurisdictions. Bohuslav speaks English, German, French and Russian.
  • David Fechtner

    David Fechtner

    Senior Associate
    Before joining our law firm David Fechtner worked for several years at international law firms, where he provided legal advisory to multinational corporations and advised clients on multitude international matters. David Fechtner specializes in commercial law, corporate law, insolvency law and public procurement. David speaks German on a native speaker level and he also speaks fluent English.
  • Tereza Fisenková

    Tereza Fisenková

    Tereza Fisenková spent one year studying at Université de Rouen in France during her studies of law faculty. Before joining our law firm she worked in Prague law firms specialized mainly in corporate law, construction law and real estate law. Tereza Fisenková speaks English and French and focuses mainly on civil law, commercial law and litigation.
  • Jan Jakl

    Jan Jakl

    Jan Jakl spent one year studying at Manchester Metropolitan University during the study of the law faculty. Before joining our firm he worked at the Prague law firms specializing in corporate law, real estate law and litigation. Jan Jakl speaks English and focuses mainly on civil, commercial and real estate law.
  • Tomáš Zwinger

    Tomáš Zwinger

    During the study of the law faculty Tomáš Zwinger spent a half-year studying at Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg. Before joining our law firm he worked at the international Prague law firms specialized mainly in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and due diligence. Tomáš Zwinger speaks German and English and focuses mainly on corporate law, civil law and litigation.
  • Renata Medřická

    Renata Medřická

    Office Manager
    Renata Medřická uses in our law firm her long-standing experiences, which she gained during her professional practice in the law firms and in the multinational corporations, where she worked on the similar positions, she also worked in the area of the human resources management and business. Renana Medřická manages the administrative, personnel and economical aspects of our law firm. She speaks German and English.
  • Štefan Novák

    Štefan Novák

    Business Development Manager
    Štěfan Novák brings to our law firm the practical experiences from the area of the business corporations, where he worked on the top-management positions. He specializes on marketing and business strategy. Thanks to his contribution we are closer to our clients and this conduces not only to legal security of our clients but also to their business growth. Štefan Novák speaks English, Spanish and German.
  • Petr Müller

    Petr Müller

    Project Manager
    Peter Müller worked in various legal and administrative positions in an international law firm, where he focused on various areas of law, technical security and marketing.
  • Michal Novák

    Michal Novák

    Michal Novák is currently a student at the faculty of law and he works as a legal assistant in our law firm. Michal Novák speaks English and German.